JR広島駅 新幹線柵内 待合室

The waiting room at JR Hiroshima Station



At the entrance, in the southernmost part of the main island lies Hiroshima station. It is the largest station in the Chugoku district, it’s full of vitality and there’s always a large crowd. For the spatial presentation of the waiting room, they have adopted the artwork with chemical silver red leaf by Rekiseisha. This waiting room is for many guests to say hello and good-bye to each other. It’s our greatest pleasure that our leaf paper has been used in this space where the “Hiroshima’s individuality” is necessary. Among our leaves, chemical silver red leaf, which is only made using special skills, seems to symbolize Hiroshima because it’s full of vibrancy and vivid coloring. “Meeting at the chemical silver red leaf” -There is no greater pleasure than this, if this spot becomes such a friendly place for you.