“Hanayo × Rekiseisha”




The Nail Artist Hana4, who is active around the world, has produced one and only nail tip with a gold leaf. This is a part of her project called “SKILL TRADE” developed as her personal artwork. “SKILL TRADE” is focused on traditional crafts and has developed based on the concept of “passing world’s traditional craftsmanship down the generations”. It is a unique and valuable experience for her to meet professional craftsmen in different fields in order to learn their skills and also to collaborate with her nail art. This time, she has used the paintings at GUZEI Temple in Shiga Prefecture at where her grandfather’s house is located and the portrait of her ancestor Nasu Yoichi as a motif. She drew them on a nail chip in three dimensions and Rekiseisha added a gold leaf on top. It is not possible to put a gold leaf on this kind of small objects without a skill of craftsmen. It became a very special artwork which collaborated her artistic sensibility with the traditional skill of Rekiseisha.

Nail Artist / Art Director. She is active worldwide beyond the boundaries of the beauty industry and has produced a number of artworks with fine lines and beautiful colors. Currently, her career is not only with visual artworks, but also widen in the new fields including spatial design.

Hana4 | www.hana4art.com
Writing : Jun Namekata

「Inside my head. – Hana4’s Book of Nails.」



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