FACTOTUM (Fact Tum) is one of the top fashion brands in Tokyo, and also popular in abroad. Mr. Kohji Udo, the designer of FACTOTUM, decides the theme of each season through “traveling the world.” It is his style but he has been focusing on Japan over the last few years. And the theme of this coming 2017 SS season is “Zen”. “禅=ZEN” is now becoming more popular in abroad. To break down “Zen” to the design, Mr. Udo chose to combine with “a leaf” which is the traditional culture that has been used in Japan. He adopted the Enso (※) which is a symbol of Zen as a motif, and put a leaf there. Since the main source is clothes, the durability must be considered. Of course, it takes a lot of time because each piece is made by hand. While verifying and solving various issues, we were able to combine the “fashion and leaf” as our first attempt. There were items showing gold and silver using a digital printer in the past, but the contribution of using genuine leaves is very different in terms of depth, texture, softness and more. FACTOTUM is looking for its quality. Rekiseisha is pursuing the new creation. An unprecedented work has completed by matching both of them.
※ It is a common opinion to express enlightenment, truth, and the whole universe as a symbol in a circular form, but the interpretation is depended on each viewer.

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Photography : Dai Yamamoto, Kei Ohnaka  Writing : Jun Namekata