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CA4LA is a select shop introducing a hat from all over the world with the concept of “the best hat for everyone.” Also, it is a hat manufacturer who continues to make high quality hats made in Japan. “If it is not fun then not a hat” is their belief to develop a design. With Rekiseisha, they created hats which no one has seen before. It is the hat that was tilted gold leaf and platinum leaf to the surface of hats. Mr. Nobuhiro Akimoto, who is a creative director, chose a hat has a crown higher than the general one with a wider felt brim. By making it a bold form, it emphasizes the strength of the leaf to the utmost. And still, they have pursued the appearance which is consisted as real fashion, not only giving a strong first impression. To make the whole hat covering up with the leaf, a considerable amount of leaf is required. And as you imagine, every process is manually done by hands as it is a complex three-dimensional object. However, that is why they were able to complete valuable works with experiences and techniques cultivated by Rekiseisha. Apart from total valuable production of order-made paper leaf, they also plan to develop more items that have been leaf-tilted on the part of hats.

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Photography : Dai Yamamoto  Writing : Jun Namekata