Bar the Lounge Top Note別館「松聲の間」

Bar the Lounge Top Note annex "between the pine voice"


仕事柄、全国各地様々な建物やお部屋を見てきましたが、金紙を貼るという点において、こんなに理想的なところはありません。それが広島市中区の『Bar the Lounge Top Note別館』。その奥にある“黄金の間”です。戦後間もない頃に建てられた古民家を改装しているのですが、その奥にあった茶室の内壁、襖、床の間などをすべて金紙で覆い黄金の間に仕立てているのです。黄金の間と聞くと、富の象徴や贅を極めた部屋というイメージがあるかもしれませんが、そんなことはありません。仄暗い柔らかな照明を基調にした部屋は実に気品がある。金の本来の美しさとはこういうことかと実感できる場所です。日々、金紙を作っている私たちでさえ、この場所に来ると特別な感動を覚える。自分たちが作るものの大切さを改めて感じさせてくれる場所なのです。

In our job, we have been from places to places all around the country and seen different types of buildings and rooms, but so far we haven’t seen such an ideal place that makes use of golden paper. This is what “Bar the Lounge Top Note annex” in Naka, Hiroshima is about. In the inside you can find a “Golden room”. We have renovated the old house, which was built in the early days after the end of the world war II. The inner wall, sliding doors, floor and more at the tea house has all been tailored and covered of gold paper. When asked about the golden space, it might give a wealthy and extravagant impression, but in fact it is really not the purpose. The room has a soft, gloomy lighting that gives a real sophisticated atmosphere. It is a place where you can feel the original beauty of gold. Every day, even us who are making the gold paper, when we visit those kinds of places we can feel and remember these special deep emotions. It is a place that let us enjoy a feeling about the importance of what we have built on our own.

Photography : Dai Yamamoto  Writing : Jun Namekata